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Huskyb's life

15 September 1984
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hello my name is huskyb aka earth name Tod, IRL i am 27 years old, 5'10" blonde hair, blue eyes around 180 pounds in weight and as for

Fursona is a 6 foot even half siberian husky,part gray wolf and part red fox, blue markings in different places with mostly white and blue fur and stuck at the age of 19 years old but was born september 14 1796.

i work as a self employed uncertifed electrican, plumber, machanic, carpenter, computer networking, some programing, sales of used appalinces, audio and video supplys and more.. gotta earn a living ya know lol :P

i am not good with parperwork, problem solving, most computer software, more to come

i enjoy visiting furiends and family.i enjoy wearing a collar and a tail when not in hometown i also would fursuit alot if i had a fursuit

cant forget my likes and dislikes

in no order of how much i like...just things i like
likes:hugs, cuddles, furiends, family, trucks, SUV's, obsession with huskys, 1989-1992 ford rangers and 1990-1994 ford explorers, xbox, laptop computers, Sattlite Radio
more to come

dislike:i gotta find out what i hate sometime...not much

more to come

Decode my furcode:
FCMf3a A- C- D+++ H+ M? P++++ R+ T+++ W- Z? Sm RLAT a cn++ d++ e- f- h-- iw++ j p sm-